Costly Issues Hiring Managers Currently Face

Without the right workers, it’s difficult for a company to succeed. That being said, hiring the right employees is often easier said than done. Having trouble finding the right employees costs a business both time and money. Therefore, it’s wise to learn why this problem keeps happening. In this post, you’ll learn three major issues your company’s hiring managers are facing.

Issues Hiring Managers are Facing

It often seems difficult to find out why your company can’t find the right candidates. In most cases, this is happening due to a combination of reasons. Understanding these reasons can help ensure your company avoids these problems in the future. With that in mind, here are three major issues managers face while trying to find the right employees.

Ineffectively Screening Candidates

While no one wants to admit it, people sometimes lie on their resumes. Of course, it’s extremely rare for a candidate to own up to this. Unfortunately, this often leads to unqualified candidates getting into the front doors of your company. If you want to avoid this problem, it’s wise to utilize extensive employment screening software or service.

Hiring Poor Matches for Your Company

A recent survey conducted by Robert Half wanted to find the top factors that led to failed hires. The results of this survey found that, out of 1,400 executives, the main factor that led to a failed hire was a poor skills match. Therefore, it’s likely that this problem is affecting your company. Many companies avoid this problem by partnering with human resources consulting firms. These firms work to help your company learn how to find the right candidates. Learning this information makes hiring poorly matched candidates a thing of the past.

The Cost of Employee Turnover

Statistics from the end of June 2015 found that nearly 2.7 million employees voluntarily left their jobs. When an employee quits their job, it costs companies money. Each business places time and money into training new hires. After they leave, this time and money is now a waste. This problem is especially prevalent among Millennials. A 2016 Gallup poll found that six out of 10 Millennials are open to a new job at any time. There are many reasons a worker might leave their position. Human resources consulting firms help you find clients that want to work with your business. This means that you’re able to rest assured your employees will stick around.

In closing, companies are facing several issues regarding finding the right workers. If you’re having problems finding the right candidates, consider partnering with human resources consultants. These consultants work to understand who your company is looking to hire. In turn, human resources consulting firms begin to find candidates that closely match client’s specifications.

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