Behind the Scenes of Torque Measurement

Home improvement projects often require quite a bit of know-how and specialized tools depending on what job needs to be done. Other tools are pretty standard and can be used or applied to a wide range of projects and actions. Understanding basic forces and applications can help make any DIY project much easier, and this YouTube video focuses on one simple but vital skill- the use of torque when operating a threaded fastener. The simple processes outlined here will be able to be applied to many other processes and tasks related to improvement, construction, design, and renovation work.

In this educational video, you will get a well-rounded overview and introduction to the threaded fastener, its use and application when it comes to torque, and how to determine essentials such as fastener strength and durability.

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The video will also answer key questions such as: What is torque? How is it measured? What loads and forces come into play? Is there such a thing as a torque measurement product? What is clamp force? So if you have been curious about this topic, this informational video is a great way to get a simple and easy-to-follow interdiction.

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