Are Solar Shingles The Next Big Thing?

Are you thinking about a new roof and solar panels? Before calling your roofing company, you should consider solar shingles. They combine the best parts of traditional shingles and solar panels. They provide clean energy solar panels, but look just like shingles.

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You no longer have to sacrifice style for functionality. However, you may have to sacrifice your wallet. Watch this video to learn why.

Everyone was optimistic years ago when Tesla announced the solar roof. Surely the company that has invented cars that drive themselves and rocket ships that go to space can make a roof out of solar panels. Yet, there is more to the story. It is really a story of economics.

There has been a worker shortage in many industries across the globe in recent times. This also applies to the roofing industry. Tesla overestimated its ability to service areas across the United States. They then had to cut back their scale. Additionally, they were too optimistic with pricing and had to hike up the prices too. This has dissuaded many customers. Even so, others are still optimistic as more competitors have entered the market.


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