An Enterprise Proxy Adds to the Security of Online Viewing

Ip rotator

Anonymous browsing is many consumers’ idea of perfection, and the Federal Trade Commission, which monitors tracking activities, did its best to make sure of this when it called for a Do Not Track mechanism to let online users put in requests not to be tracked online. For consumers, anonymous surfing means no one is watching them and paying attention to their every online move. It is big business, since there are about 240 million online users in the United States alone, and worldwide there were more than 95 countries with 1 million or more online users. Imagine grabbing the information of each and every online user. Or better yet, imagine most of these users having an anonymizer to go undetected while they search online.

An enterprise proxy specifically tasked with making users search anonymously helps tremendously here. The enterprise proxy could help with management privacy both for individual consumers and for entire businesses, which must protect themselves from competitors and insider knowledge through searching anonymously as well. For companies, this form of brand protection keeps them protected from things like APT, which is a type of malware that was created to successfully break into high level networks either for economic purposes or for political ones. By having an enterprise proxy to allow for more anonymous online viewing and storing of information, companies that institute programs for protection add more layers onto their existing proprietary information so no one gets their hands on it, inside or out.

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