Agile Software Development Why So Many IT Professionals Are Interested In Making The Switch

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Quick and easy software development is a major concern for developers today, with many finding that the challenges with their software projects have more to do with practical issues than their actual capabilities. Automation is something that a lot of software developers, subsequently, are concerned with. It’s estimated that in this day and age, 76% of IT teams are using service automation, and 45% of today’s work could be automated. Below, we’ll look into what software developers want to see, from Agile software development to training and much more.

Why Choose Agile Software Development?

A recent study by Atlassian indicated that the top performing IT teams do the following: they put business first, master technology, invest in speed, make customers a priority, and be proactive. As high performing IT teams are twice as likely to tie IT projects to revenue, it’s important for every IT team to be as high performing as possible. From writing code to providing a finished product, Agile software development can help IT teams target all of these priorities. Agile software development projects actually have, according to research, 93% fewer defects. They’ve also been shown to take 70% less time to complete. In fact, a recent survey indicated that “cost savings” were important reasons why IT developers adopted agile methods.

Why Work With Artificial Intelligence?

Understandably, it can be difficult for some IT developers to really trust the quality of products made with artificial intelligence. After all, artificial intelligence is in some ways automated. But it does cut down on time wasted, and certainly makes it easier IT professionals to spend less time on tedious tasks. In fact, 77% of ITSM professionals believe that artificial intelligence will relieve them of some of their more routine tasks, and therefore help them finish their projects more efficiently, without losing quality.

What Do IT Professionals Want From Software Development Products?

IT professionals have several different concerns that can be addressed by Agile software. These include the ease of use, expense, and the ability to modify the software to suit business needs. Luckily, all of these issues and more can be improved upon by a shift to Agile software development.

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