A Good Video Goes A Long Way The Power Of Smart Graphics For Your Video Marketing Campaign

We live in a proverbial ocean of content. So much so, in fact, it can seem impossible reaching out to your personal consumer base.

You can try standing out by pouring more money into your digital marketing campaign. You can also try focusing more on the quality of your product or service. If you find yourself regularly creating video content for your customers, you might have a better time just starting there. People love a snappy, informative video that holds their attention. Whiteboard animation is a tool you can add to make even the most technical of lectures seem fresh and innovative.

Boost attention and retention. Learn how the sketch video, as well as strong writing, can make your video content really pop!

Did You Know?

Knowledge is power…and by the end of this list you’ll be beefed up! Bill Gates is credited with originating the ‘Content Is King’ phrase back in an article on the Microsoft website in the 1990’s. This was just a reiteration of a very old, very familiar issue on content. We live in a huge world that is regularly generating new articles, blog posts, songs, videos, and advertisements. In fact, YouTube alone has over 300 billion searches every month!

Videos Should Be Long Enough, But Not Too Long

The first thing you should make sure of with your video content is length. Even the most in-depth, technical video lesson still needs to take into account finite time. Who wants to sit around and muck their way through a poorly edited, slow, dragging 50 minute long video? Talk with your video editors and make sure lengthy pauses are kept to a minimum and graphics are rotated to keep interest. There are solutions for everyone…but only if you take the time to look at what’s not working.

Make Sure Headings Are Concise And Informative

Are you writing titles that are too long in an attempt to grab attention? Resist the urge! Your videos are already going to be relying on people’s patience to get across their intended goal. Titles that are too wordy or have too many keywords can run the opposite effect. Think about what you would most likely click on — a video titled ‘How To Cook Delicious Salmon In Half The Time’ or ‘The Best Way To Cook The Most Delicious Alaskan Halibut Salmon If You’re A Single Mother On A Budget’?

Don’t Spend Too Much Time Talking About Other Topics

It’s tempting to spend an extra minute just listing off all the other wonderful videos you have. Make sure not to go overboard, though, and make your video look unnecessarily padded out. Keep your video focused on the topic at hand and only deviate if it’s absolutely necessary to get the most out of the goal. Even the best sketch videos are still operating on a slim timeframe. The juggling act of just enough information to grab attention and not too much is a delicate one…and something you’ll maintain with practice.

Add Sketch Video Animations To Create Visual Appeal

You’ve been focusing on graphic recording for a few months now. You’re considering adding even more visual appeal to cement yourself as number one in the minds of your customers. Now what should you do? Whiteboard sketch video animations are an attractive addition to any set-up, designed to facilitate visual learning without being distracting. They prioritize simple color schemes and appealing characters, making viewers feel like they’re being talked to, not talked at.

Level up your video presence this year. Make a few changes with sketch videos and title changes…you’ll be surprised at what you find!

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