7 Maintenance Tips for Heat Press Machine

If you are in garment printing business, you already know that heat transfer machine is at the center of your entity. It is your money printing machine that your entity cannot operate without. Just like any other equipment, heat press machine requires regular maintenance to increase performance and to increase its lifetime. Here are some few tips you can use to keep your heat transfer equipment at the best conditions possible.

1. Regular Dusting

Regular dusting is something you should incorporate in your business. Many business owners have a perception that physical dusting of heat press machines has no impact on their performances. However, previous cases of faulty machines has shown that buildup of dust makes the heat transfer to run hotter. Therefore, you should make sure that you keep the interior and exterior heat press accessories dusted to avoid excessive heating.

2. Clean Upper Platen

The upper platen is an important component of the heat transfer machine. The performance of a heat press is highly dependent on the physical status of the upper platen. A clean platen enhances performance and makes everything look smooth. You can use a lint-free cloth to wipe the top of your platen with mineral spirits, simple water, alcohol, or iron cleaner. Make sure you clean the upper platen of your machine frequently.

3. Replace Worn-Out Lower Platen

There is a high chance that the surface of your lower platen will become dented, warped, chipped, cracked, or deformed in some way. You need to make sure that you replace it immediately, together with the rubber pads. If you persist working with a deformed lower platen of your heat transfer machine, you will be forced to replace the whole hat heat press, which is very expensive. Heat transfer and pressure need an even and smooth surface for effective performance.

4. Protect Teflon Surface

The Teflon coated surface is another important part of your heat press machine. It prevents inks from sticking on the platen surface. Stuck inks on the press will leave your garments with uneven prints due to uneven pressure and heat from the platen. To remove unevenness, the Teflon surface must remain scratch-free. And one way of achieving a scratch free Teflon surface is to avoid placing any sharp objects such as zippers and buttons on the surface. You will need to cover the metal patches that are present in various garments to prevent scratching.

5. Regular Oiling and Greasing

Lubricating the pins and joints of the sports heat transfers once a month is very necessary. Always make sure that you’re using high-temperature non-melting grease due to the heat generated by the system. Regular oiling and greasing of pistons and rods make the lowering and lifting of the platens to be smooth. You can increase the frequency of oiling and greasing if your heat press is highly engaged.

6. Check Temperature Accuracy

Any heat press machine uses heat to transfer prints to the garment. Therefore, you should make sure that your machine has sufficient heat and transfers the heat to the garment. Heat transfer is an essential aspect of any heat press machine. Inadequate heat transfer prevents the prints from appearing on the garment as it should be. Make sure that you use heat press test kit to check the accuracy of the temperature every day before using your system.

7. Use Genuine Power Chords

Using the original power chord is not an exemption on hat heat transfers. However, there is a chance that you will have to replace the original heat chords. You don’t have an option other than to make sure that you try and get chords from the original heat transfer manufacturer. Most of the aftermarket equipment chords can cause under-performance and can sometimes damage the entire system when they fail to convey the right voltage and current.

As a garment printing expert, these are some of the few strategies that you can use to maintain your heat transfer machine. If you remain consistent, your equipment will last longer and will have optimum performance. Contact heat press experts for regular maintenance or replacement of an ineffective heat transfer machine.

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