6 Tips to Effective Branding

B2b marketing

You want to spread the work your organization does. To effectively do this, you need to promote your brand and your organization itself. It is not enough to think that your good work will speak for itself. Whether you want to promote yourself to the general public or to other organizations in your field, you need to grow and manage your brand. Branding company experts list the following ideas for doing just that.

Branding Company Tips:

  1. Define your brand. What is it? The most simple way to think of your brand is by your mission statement. This is who you are AND what you want to accomplish. It is not as simple as a slogan, though a good slogan can help define your brand. Think of Apple?s ?Think differently? campaign. You are your brand. You need to define yourself but remember to stay genuine to your core principles or you are just wasting everyone?s time. Remember the Oscar Wilde quote, ?Be yourself, everyone else is taken.?
  2. Make everything reflect the same message. Your website, your twitter handle, your logo, your stationary. It all has to be the same message. In political campaigns, often people talk about politicians ?staying on message.? If any piece of your marketing strays from your message, kick it to the curb. Experts at any branding company will tell you that repetition is essential to branding.
  3. Produce content often. Write press releases. Put up blog posts. Put things out on social media. Make sure your web site is current and updated. If your website does not load in 10 seconds, you have a problem. You will need to have your website designer fix that ASAP. If your LinkedIn profile, which is the way 62% of B2B marketing firms use this platform. Send your releases to the press and post them online. The more of an online presence you have, the more likely it is people can find you. Your website should be updated at least four times a month. Your other social media channels need more attention.
  4. Be active offline. Go to relevant conferences in your area and out. Get to know the thought leaders in your industry. Follow them on Twitter. Retweet them. Get to know the movers and shakers in your field. Promote them and they will return the favor.
  5. Have events. This can be for local charities or for your organization. If you know of events that are happening that deal with your work, take advantage of that. For instance, your organization makes a product to collect rainwater. Every year, the United Nations hold ?World Water Day.? Use a global event like that to host an event to promote your work. Put out a press release before and after. Hire a special events management company if you need to. Events are easy for press to cover. Remember that.
  6. Use traditional media to get your message across. Get to know the journalists who cover your industry or the issues you work on. Do this before you want them to write about you or do a segment on you. You want them to see you as a resource not as pest who only goes to them when you need something. Remember that when dealing with press, persistence pays off. There is a fine line between being persistent and being a best. You will cross that line but that is ok. No branding company will ever tell you to ignore traditional media. It remains important to a lot of people. It remains the bread and butter for most PR companies.

Branding has become more visible in recent years. Everyone wants a branding company to come in and make an organization?s brand hot and popular. This is all well and good but ultimately pointless if you do not back it up with something real. Sometimes companies will change their focus to something they think will be more popular. If the work you do does not reflect that chance, you will come across as being a fraud undermine all of your hard work. Your brand is your mission. Staying true to that is more important than any gimmick or superficial change you make. Keep that in mind when you plan any branding strategy and you will be much better off.

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