4 Tips for Driving Traffic to Your Website


While the internet is an important part of business success in today?s world, simply having a website is not enough. You can build the most informative and interesting website, but how will anyone ever find it? You can share it via your social media, but then you are only marketing toward people who were already aware of your business. How can you expand your reach? How can you ensure that you are exposing your business to new customers on a daily basis? This strategy takes a strong internet marketing plan. The following steps will help you begin your internet marketing efforts.

Professional graphic design
Graphic design is the careful planning of the graphics on your website. Most people do not actually read everything on a website. Instead, they browse. While they are browsing, they will take in the different images and graphics of your website. If they are interesting and engaging, they are more likely to spend additional time on your page, and thus, they are more likely to convert. Professional graphics design services can be just as important as a professional web design service. If you were designing a print ad, you would likely hire professional printing services. The same should go with your graphic designs.

Multiple methods of viewing
There are all different types of internet users. While one group of customers might only visit your site from their desktop computer, others might only do so from their mobile device. If you do not cater to each and every one of these customer types, you are essentially alienating an entire group of customers. If they are unable to successfully open and view your website, they will leave it. Approximately 57% of customers say they will not recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site and 40% have turned to a competitor?s site after a bad experience.

Offer value to your customer
Customers are smart. They know when a business is simply using them for their money. They are unlikely to just give you their money. Instead, you must offer than some type of value in return. This value might be an exceptional product or service. It might be great customer service and easy returns. It could be frequent discounts and coupons for regular customers. Your competitors probably have some type of program or system in play to provide customers with an additional and added value. Offering value is also an important way in gather leads and interest in the business in the beginning marketing stages.

Have a strong SEO campaign
Even completing all of the recommended factors for success does not guarantee that interested consumers will be able to find your business. You need a strong base for your business, but then you need a strong SEO, or search engine optimization campaign to bring them to your business. Creating a strong SEO campaign often requires specialized SEO services and knowledge. It can be extremely helpful to outsource your SEO needs to ensure that you are getting the best results.

Perhaps one of the most important parts of SEO is content, which brings us back to graphic design and a professional looking website design. Approximately 72% of marketers worldwide said relevant content creation was the most effective SEO tactic, according to a June 2015 report from Ascend2. Content brings in customers because it attracts them to the website and it offers them a value. Lead generation (cited by 61% of corporate marketers) and Web site traffic (57%) are the top SEO objectives for marketers at enterprise companies in 2015.

If you are struggling to attract new customers to your business, despite a website, it is possible that you need advanced efforts. The base of internet marketing requires a strong and mobile friendly website with professional graphic design. Once this is completed, an SEO campaign is needed to bring customers to the website. Without SEO, you could potentially have the best website, but with no audience to view it.

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