Why is CRM Technology Important in Education?

Student recruitment is a highly competitive environment, and CRM is a great way to boost enrollment. If you have a high-quality student information system (SIS) you probably want to keep this system, but find ways to reduce the time you’re spending logging data into it. CRM Education is the best technology to make all of this happen for you.

CRM stands for Constituent Relationship Management and is essentially a powerful tool that is integrated with your SIS to communicate with students and access information. This automated system takes care of processing applications, so your time is freed up to make crucial decisions instead of performing computer data input.

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There are many different letters you may be sending out to students based on their situation and enrollment information. The dozens of letters can bog down your day and overwork your department, but with CRM all of these procedures are done without intervention on your part. Acceptance letters, missing credit PDFs, costs and locations of the courses, and so much more are all done without human intervention.

Receiving thousands of college applications can take up a lot of time but with college application CRM technology, you will save an incredible amount of time on your end. See what else CRM education can do for you by following along with the video!


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