Why Gender Diverse And Ethnically Diverse Companies Fare Much Better Than Their Competition

Talent acquisition

Staffing can be a difficult issue for many businesses. After all, no one person wants the same thing out of their job. Some employees end up frustrated and leave. Others want to stay but aren’t considered a good fit for their position. How do you work with so many variables and offer both business and employee a satisfying balance in a competitive industry? When these questions start piling and you’re not sure where to begin, an executive placement agency can help. Rather than staffing your business for you they offer you the skills you need to encourage a more harmonious working environment for everyone up and down the chain. Before looking into HR consulting, check out the tips below to get a good idea of what your business might be missing.

Too Much Employee Turnover

Do you have a lot of employees packing their bags and leaving for greener pastures? You may just have an issue with employee turnover. June of 2015 saw nearly three million workers voluntarily leaving their jobs. This is a stunning 25% increase from just two years ago. Maintaining an employee for the long term is much cheaper than constantly hiring new ones into your company, as seeking out, interviewing and training potential workers takes time and money. What causes employee turnover? A few different elements. Let’s take a look.

Not Enough Employee Recognition

A common reason for employee turnover is a lack of satisfaction on part of the employee. When a worker doesn’t feel properly compensated or acknowledged in their position they may just take their skills with them to a company with similar goals to your own. There are ways to prevent this, however. Over 85% of companies with strong employee recognition programs in place cited a noticeable increase in worker happiness. Likewise, a Gallup poll revealed only two out of 10 workers believe their manager encourages them to do well.

Lackluster Position Skill Matches

Sometimes you have to nip an issue in the bud. An executive placement agency can help you realize an employee is a poor match for your company before you hire them, saving everyone a lot of trouble down the road. A survey conducted by Robert Half showed that one-third of the over 1,400 executives surveyed felt the top factor leading to a failed hire was a poor skills match. The second most common reason was unclear performance objectives that left workers confused and lost.

Not Enough Diversity

Diversity is being talked about more and more lately. But what does it actually mean? What does it do for the future of your brand? One of the most important elements of diverse outplacement consulting is giving everyone the best possible chance at success. McKinsey’s research has found that gender-diverse companies are 15% more likely to outperform their less gender-diverse peers. Ethnically diverse companies? 35% more likely. More diverse backgrounds means more diverse viewpoints and methods of solving problems.

Why You Should Check Out An Executive Placement Agency

Human resources staffing is not the answer to all your problems. It can, however, be the resource you need to get out of an employment funk. An executive placement agency can help you better pinpoint poor skills matches and encourage further diversity from the get-go, creating a positive domino effect that can be felt throughout your entire company. In other words, they help you help yourself. Sound like something your business could use? There’s an executive search firm with your name on it.

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