What are the Top Benefits of Using a Portable NMR Spectrometer?

A portable NMR is one of the commonly used analytical machines in a chemical laboratory. If you operate a medical laboratory, there is no way you can continue operating in this industry without a portable NMR. This is a machine that gives you guidance and operational strategies in your laboratory. If you don’t have a desktop NMR already, you need to buy one and enjoy the following benefits.

1. Avoid Queuing in the Your Laboratory

Other medical experts and analysts will always queue in your laboratory, waiting to have a chance to use the spectrometer. You will also be inconvenienced because these experts will be using your system to conduct their research. However, with the new 60 MHZ NMR, you can eliminate this problem professionally. All you need to do is create different logins for the people who are researching in your laboratory. Everything will be completed immediately without a waste of time.

2. Reduced Analytical Costs

As you already know, the cost of conducting chemical tests and analysis has been increasing in the last few years. You are even required to pay much money if you are outsourcing from another company. However, with your own 100 MHZ NMR, you will conduct tests and analysis in your laboratory without incurring additional costs. A portable NMR is a cheap spectrometer that you can easily afford. Besides, it does not have many repair and maintenance requirements, which will help you to save some funds.

3. Lightweight and Portable

Historically, most of the spectrometers used have been fixed in a single desktop area where they cannot be moved with ease. They were immovable, which created a huge problem for researchers who wanted to survey another room. However, everything has changed in the last few years. There has been an emergence of portable NMR spectrometers that can be moved from one place to the other. The new device can be moved from one laboratory to the other. It can easily be moved from one research site to the other.

4. Multinuclear Capabilities

For several years, most of the spectrometers that have been in the industry have not been working as expected. They have only been offering single-dimensional support, which involves analyzing only one sample at a time. Although this approach is highly preferred, it was not the most effective analytical strategy because it could not help in analyzing various reactions. However, everything that is currently being brought into the industry is incorporating different analytical strategies. An analyst can now test two different samples at the same time.

5. Quick Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis

If you work in a medical laboratory, you already understand that some chemical tests are needed immediately. The life of an individual could be at risk, and as such, providing such information could be essential in saving their lives. However, traditional chromatographic methods are not as efficient. They may take many hours before they can deliver the results of linear analysis. However, a portable NMR is a quick, easy, and precise alternative of undertaking a comprehensive analysis of various chemicals. With a process NMR, you will only require small quantities of solvents and several minutes to run the tests.

6. Analyzing for Specific Data

Sometimes, you don’t need an NMR magnetic platform to know the chemical composition of a specific substance. You might be looking for specific physical properties such as viscosity and moisture content. This is a specific piece of information that will not be offered by most of the analytical systems out there in the industry. You might be required to undertake multiple tests to collect this data. However, with 60 MHZ benchtop NMR spectrometers, everything will be easy.

Studies show that employment in the medical lab technologies will continue to increase in the next few years. The number of technicians working in this industry is expected to increase by 13% by 2026. It will be essential if you can have your portable NMR ready to take advantage of the increased employment of these systems.

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