Three Tips on Securing FTP Servers

Data loss prevention solutions

Data loss prevention solutions are important for any company. With several businesses shifting toward the cloud, the chances of losing some of this information in the cloud are fairly high.

Along with data loss, companies look for ways to manage file transfers safely, and invest in easy file transfer methods that can help keep their daily transactions flowing smoothly.

By using a secure file transfer service, and a secure file transfer protocol server (FTP server), companies should be able to protect against data loss, as well as security breaches.

Here are a few tips on how to secure FTP servers.

  • No Random Access.To ensure that no user can access information without appropriate security clearance, it will be critical for companies to disable any user’s ability to log into the FTP server without a valid username and password. This way, a company can be in charge of who is allowed to interact with the network and utilize its data.
  • Defined Access Control Lists. Depending on the user, a company should have varying levels of clearance set for each user on the network. For example, one group of users should only have access to particular types of data. This way, it will be easier for an IT security team to monitor the network and make sure that users without specific access to areas on the network are not trying to hack in.
  • Log-in Time Restrictions. The longer a company exposes its network to lag time, or inactive time, the greater chance there is for data to be lost or stolen. It would be best to install a “timed-out” function to make sure that users remain active on the network, and must log in again after a certain amount of time. This will help keep the network secure.

If you are looking for how to secure FTP servers
, these tips will probably help. If you have another other advice, please leave some advice in the comments below.

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