Taking Your Business Online with a Local Search SEO

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Businesses thrive on their customer base and those businesses that invest money into advertising generate a larger customer base. Digital advertising assumes little more than your customer base will have access to the web. Since 93% of net surfers start with a search engine, businesses can benefit greatly by investing in local search SEO services.

Search Engine Usage
Search engines sort through 27 million pieces of digital content each day, with Google owning around 60-70% of the search engine market. Digital advertisements featured on search engine results are often ignored by as many as 70-80% of users. Businesses that rely on search engine advertising often find themselves overlooked as 75% of search engine users never scroll past the first search page. How will your customers know about your business if they can’t find you on the net?

Proven Results
Search engine optimization (SEO) is rated as the most effective tactic for generating user attention, with 34% of marketers rating it as “very effective”. Half of all marketers further agree that content creation is “very effective” as an SEO branding strategy. Those companies that do hire an SEO company for small business will find that 75% of their peers use content creation advertising campaigns.

Local Search
According to the Pew Internet Research Center, about 58% of people have reportedly researched a good or service online, with half of those searches being performed on mobile devices. Many search engines use local tracking to determine a user’s location to optimize their searches based on location. By working closely with local search seo consultants, businesses can create compelling digital content that will attract customers in their area. By 2016 local mobile advertising is projected to increase from $800 million dollars to $18 billion, marking this as a lasting trend. Contact an SEO firm to help your business stand out from the crowd.

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