Security Systems Diminish Likelihood of Home Invasion

Wireless camera security

We’ve all known people who been the victims of a home invasion or robbery. Even if it doesn’t happen to you, a home invasion in your community can make you feel unsafe in your own home, in your own town, with your own friends and neighbors. Installing an outdoor wireless security camera system can restore some of the security that is lost after a home invasion or robbery and can help to protect your home against future threats. In fact, outdoor security cameras have been proven to keep homes safe. Without them, studies have shown that homes without any kind of security system is not only 100% more likely to be broken into – but 300% more likely. Getting an outdoor wireless security camera system lowers those odds astronomically.

So how likely is your home to be burgled in the first place and how do burglars even operate? Shockingly, a high percentage of burglars – over 30% – try to enter a home through the front door. This proves that it’s not always so easy to spot a burglar and burglary in action – even if your neighbors are home, they might not even notice something is wrong. And burglaries, all types, are committed every fifteen seconds. That means right now, as you read this, a home somewhere is being burgled. As 75% of U.S. homes will be broken into at some point in the next twenty years, it’s in all of our best interests to look seriously into installing an outdoor wireless security camera system.

And an outdoor wireless security camera system really does help. Actually, the majority of convicted burglars said they would move on to a different home if they saw that the home they planned to target had a security system in place. So not only does a security system alert authorities to a burglary already taking places, it can prevent burglaries from happening in the first place, deterring burglars before a crime even happens.

When should you look to install a security system? Well, a security system proves useful against threats at any point in the year, but burglary crimes spike significantly during the last two weeks of the year, right around the holidays and the new year.

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