San Francisco Web Designers Will Help Your Webpage To Be At The Top Of Search Results

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While you may not remember Six Degrees, it was the first modern social media network and from its debut in 1997 to its peak, it gained about a million members. Today, social media is a more important compliment than ever to your online presence with literally billions using the many platforms available today and San Francisco web designers can help you capture some of that traffic. Because San Francisco web designers are also avid social media and SEO marketers, they will be able to provide you with a unique set of services that can help you to attract and capture more business.

San Diego web designers can tell you that even social media networks that you think are old news are still hot with certain demographics or in other countries as demonstrated by Friendster which still has 90 million users registered with it with 90 percent of those users being from Asia. This means that if you would like to take a global approach for your business, it will give San Francisco web designers a lot more tools to work with. In fact, there are so many ways that San Francisco web designers can help market your business that you may find traffic from niche markets all over the globe that you had never expected to receive.

Another great way that San Francisco web designers can help you market your business is through pay per click ads.’s Jeffrey Brewer is the man credited with creating PPC advertising after showing off the concept at a 1988 TED conference and since then, the idea has really taken off. A Los angeles web design firm that doubles as a pay per click company can bring extra traffic through this added exposure

Of course, the most important factor to making your web design work will be SEO. 75 percent of all web users using search engines never see the second page of results because they will not click on and an SEO company can help your web page be in the top ten listings. As suggested by a 2011 Outbrain study, general search is still the primary source of content sites external traffic by more than 300 percent over social media and that is why you need SEO.

With help from an Seo company los angeles businesses can thrive again. A website today is simply no good without proper marketing. Through SEO and social media, you will get what you need.

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