Next Generation Network

Ips intrusion

Studies show that most network threats originate from within a corporation or a small business. Insiders typically have access to sensitive data and information from within a network that could cause a great deal of damage. In fact, inside malicious activity is a bigger problem to worry about than attacks from outside of a network. The next generation network systems are beefing up with more firewall solutions to enhance security. Next generation network systems are built with an intrusion detection system and an intrusion prevention system.

Hackers are still a great threat to small business owners and large corporations that operate online. Only a little over a year ago, a hacker gained accessed to sensitive data from the South Carolina Department of Revenue. The attack came from an international source and around 3.6 million tax returns were accessed. The next generation network systems are designed to avoid and prevent situations like international hacking and insider attacks as well. A significant amount of companies are implementing a number of different security measures, but over half fail to realize how dangerous a security breach can be.

A sophisticated enterprise firewall is only one aspect of the next generation network systems. The next generation network systems created to monitor, track, analyze, prevent, and secure all incoming and outgoing traffic. Malware, spyware, viruses, and worms, are also major threats that companies must avoid by using the appropriate network security platform. A network administrator must have the property next gen network security software in order to maintain the integrity and safety of all information stored on servers, workstations, and mobile devices.

Companies looking for the next generation network systems should realize there are basically 6 different types of firewalls. For example, enterprise software based firewalls and enterprise hardware based firewalls are specifically used to provide enterprises the security needed to avoid complications. The next generation network systems also include embedded firewalls and specialty firewalls. SOHO software firewalls and SOHO hardware firewalls are usually combined for maximum security. Network administrators must take a dynamic approach towards enhancing security, but the proper next generation network systems must be implemented for security reasons.

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