Learn More About the Benefits of Document Scanning and Imaging Services

Many businesses, organizations, government offices, and other enterprises experience a loss in productivity due to misplaced or lost documents. Furthermore, when personnel need to collect and process billing and other types of important information, it may be in a variety of formats and time-consuming to access. In addition to affecting productivity, this situation also increases operating and labor costs.

Productivity Loss Due to Document Challenges

It’s important to note that standard documents are photocopied 19 times. Two reasons for this are because 7.5% of these will become lost and three percent will be misfiled. According to IDC’s global survey of workers and IT professionals, 21.3% of productivity loss is experienced due to these and other document challenges.

The Costs Associated With Handling Documents

Some businesses may transfer a large percentage of their documents by fax. Since these documents are often faxed by hand, this can take an average of eight minutes per document. The costs associated with having a fax machine are roughly $6,200.00 a year.

There are additional costs associated with handling documents. Here are some of the average labor costs:

  • Filing a document: $20.00
  • Locating a misfiled document: $120.00
  • Reproducing a lost document: $220.00

How to Increase Productivity

When “knowledge workers” collaborate, 92% of these individuals do so via email. This is considered to be a convenient method of sharing information, particularly when they are able to conveniently access the files they need. The ability to access files remotely is important, and 77% of business owners reported that this is preferable for them. When transactions require documents signed, eSigning can reduce turnaround time by 80%, which is an added convenience.

Document Scanning and Imaging Services

Your business or organization may require a variety of document scanning and imaging services to increase productivity and reduce operating costs. This may include service for large format scanning, document digitization services, and microfiche conversion. When you consult with a company representative, you can learn more about the different types of scanning and imaging services that can be provided. Furthermore, you may also be pleased to know that you can receive an onsite document scanning service for large format scanning and other projects.

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