In 2015, Cloud Services Brokerage Firms Are Becoming Standard for the SME Sector

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If you’re a CIO, government worker, or business owner trying to develop a cloud migration blueprint, it’s easy to feel like you’re swimming in a digitized alphabet soup. So how can the SME (small and medium enterprise) sector secure SaaS that’s compatible with their PaaS? What about mobile applications? What is this hybrid cloud thing I keep hearing so much about?

Feeling Lost? That’s What Cloud Services Brokerage Is For

Whether you’re an IT pro who knows everything there is to know about cloud services providers or oldschool business owner who just wants their business to keep growing, cloud services brokerage firms are set up to help you migrate to the cloud as seamlessly as possible.

How exactly do cloud services brokers help you? There are a handful of massive players in cloud computing. No doubt you’ve heard of most of them — Google, Amazon Web Services, Verizon, SalesForce, and more. If you’re a Fortune 100 company migrating to the cloud, those tech giants will bend over backwards to accommodate you.

For small to mid-sized enterprises, educational organizations, and government agencies, you need someone to bend over backwards for you, too. A cloud services brokerage firm leverages their out-sized buying power to get you the best rates on a variety of cloud services from a variety of providers. Instead of getting a one-size fits all package from a mega-cloud provider, you can get an array of cloud computing services personally tailored to your needs.

Developing a Cloud Migration Blueprint With Cloud Brokerage Services…

Do you have security and compliance requirements? No problem. Do you need a hybrid cloud solution? You got it. Do you want to keep your existing IT infrastructure but migrate certain processes to the cloud? Cloud brokerage services will show you how.

In 2015, cloud brokerage services have quickly become the standard option for small to medium enterprises, local, and state government agencies. That’s because cloud service brokerage firms don’t just sell you software or service and move on, they provide things like single source billing, customer support, and installation help.

If you’re migrating to the cloud in 2016 but don’t have the time to get a quick PhD in computer sciences, then you’ll want to find a top cloud services brokerage firm to work with. It’s the best way to migrate to the cloud without getting lost en route.

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