How the Growing Population is Likely to Change Our World

There is no denying the fact that the general populous is ever growing and changing. The world’s population will grow by 50% in the next four decades to more than 9 billion from about 6.5 billion now. These statistics make it a hard study to follow, so demographic reporting is more important now than ever before.

With newer technologies and advancements in our knowledge base, geospatial analysis is easier and more vital than ever in staying on top of the the increasing population. When you’re faced with planning, collecting, reporting, and analyzing data, it’s important to anticipate the right ratios. One helpful suggestion comes via Google’s data experts, who suggest that about 15% data capture, 20% data reporting, and 65% data analysis are reasonable ratios. You must keep in mind that no matter how many satellites are in the sky, it will never be a completely accurate reading. There are always at least 24 active GPS satellites circling Earth, although today there are more than 30, including a couple of spares. They likely will continue to send more and more more highly powered satellites into orbit in order to close the informational gap, but only time will be able to tell. Demographic reporting will also help to close this informational gap.

Another great thing about the increase in technologies and the importance of demographic reporting in society is that there will be an increase in the location intelligence market along with the growth of the population. Between 2012 and 2022, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates steady growth in jobs that require familiarity with GIS and location intelligence, including geographers by a striking 29%, cartographers and photogrammetrists will raise by 20% and surveying and mapping technicians will see a 14% increase as well. This shows that the increase in population size will be meet with an equal if not greater increase in job opportunities, so there really is no reason to be worried about what the future may hold.

So although it may be scary to think about how the vast increase in population is going to change our society for the worse, or even possibly be its downfall, that simply is not the case. There is a future for everyone, as long as people are willing to find and work towards it. Marketing analysis services can detect just about everything that the future job market can and will hold, so it is unlikely that the future will be catching anybody off guard after all.

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