How Do LEDs Compare to Fluorescents?

In our quest to save energy, we’ve gone from fluorescents to more efficient alternatives like LED. Today, they’re everywhere, and they’re also cheaper than ever before. With so many types of bulbs available, choosing the perfect one can be challenging. This video will compare LEDs with fluorescents to see what each type offers.

Fluorescents have dominated the lighting industry for many years.

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But most electrical lighting services are now turning to LED’s to provide lighting services. The transition from fluorescents to LEDs seems inevitable, but many don’t realize how much better LEDs are. LEDs are efficient, reliable, cost-effective, and durable.

Using less energy than other forms of lighting, they produce higher quality white light without the mercury found in compact fluorescent lamps. In addition, the long life span of LEDs makes them far cheaper than fluorescents in the end.

Many experts agree that LEDs are better than fluorescents because they last longer, consume less power, and emit less heat. But their installation may be more time-consuming and expensive. If you’re considering switching, check these pros and cons before investing in LED.

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