Four Benefits of Custom Media Storage Containers

Rackmount case

When it comes to storing data, not all of it winds up on a computer. Back-ups, archives, and other media need to be properly cataloged and stored to find again in the future. While many businesses, such as those in IT, broadcast media, or film, sometimes rely on filing cabinets, lightweight plastic, and cardboard boxes, these solutions won’t work in the long run, especially if transfer between facilities is ever required.

However, there is a solution for companies who require these kinds of archives: media storage containers created by a custom packaging company. Custom protective cases aren’t just for shipping and harsh conditions — they are also a great way to protect content and store your back-ups in an organized and efficient manner.

Need more information? Here’s what custom media storage containers can provide for any business:

1. Protection: Media storage containers are made from a variety of materials, such as durable plastics and aluminum. Aluminum cases are especially popular because they can best protect items from extreme temperatures, light, wind, water, bacteria, and other substances that can destroy media. This is especially advantageous when storing film, as light and water can do significant damage to it. Electronic devices are also well protected in tough plastic or aluminum casing.

2. Transfer: In the event that equipment, media, or electronics need to be moved from one location to another, custom packaging products make the transfer easy. Custom made containers can be made with foam inserts to keep products perfectly in place. They are also made of the same materials listed above, and they can significantly minimize the risk of damage during shipping.

3. Heavy-duty storage: Aluminum cases aren’t just for small items like film, CDs, and other data. If a business requires storage or shipping for servers, cameras, or other large equipment, containers can be designed or purchased outright to handle these items. Additionally, aluminum packaging can ensure a longer shelf life for items that could break down over time.

4. Custom packaging design: With custom design, items will fit perfectly inside containers, according to that business’s specifications. From foam inserts to precisely cut plastics, there are plenty of options for storing media as securely as possible. For items that require shipping, owners can be sure that these objects will arrive at their destinations without any damage.

Have questions about what these media containers can do? Leave a comment, and be sure to contact a reliable custom packaging company to discuss your potential storage and shipping solutions. Get more here.

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