Does Your Business Need A Firewall Specialist? Don’t Wait And Find Out The Hard Way

Benefits of meraki access point

What does efficiency truly mean?

Does it mean getting things done faster…or better? Is it meant to imply you have fewer problems to worry about or is it a catch-all term suggesting a step forward in the right direction? When it comes to establishing an efficient business, all of the above sound perfectly fine. The goal is to make more money, after all, and there are many ways of achieving that deceptively simple goal. Technology these days have made our lives efficient in more ways than one, but to every sunny day there’s a rainy one around the corner. Viruses, hacking attempts and data loss cost businesses millions of dollars per year.

Thankfully, there are firewall specialists who can help.

Your network is your lifeblood. Without a reliable connection and secure firewalls you could not just find yourself losing money, but losing valuable data that could see your brand going belly-up before it’s really had a chance to succeed. Small and large businesses alike have been making the shift to the cloud in order to increase their efficiency from the ground up, offering their employees methods of diversifying their day-to-day obligations while keeping everyone on the same page. This also extends to general security measures.

Thanks to the rising bandwidth requirements and general shift toward convenient wireless systems, the enterprise network equipment market is going to be seeing one of the biggest shifts of its time. A recent projection expects the industry to exceed $30 billion in the next two years, meaning now has never been a better time to reconsider the wisdom of reaching out to firewall specialists. Firewall support can mean the difference between a secure business and a business trying to make up lost ground after a successful infiltration attempt.

Everyone talks about the cloud, but statistics give hard figures that are impossible to debate. One study saw 80% of recent cloud adopters stating they saw major improvements within six months of making the transition. Another 83% of companies said they saved money by moving to a cloud-based operation. Lastly, a recent survey analyzing the type of information used in cloud systems saw more than half of respondents mentioning they prefer to transfer either ‘sensitive’ or outright confidential data to their business’s cloud.

The three most important factors of cloud computing are infrastructure, platform and software. This is further bolstered with the aid of firewall specialists that can ensure your Meraki equipment is always up to the task. By the time 2016 wrapped up Meraki had an installed base of 160,000 customers, an impressive number considering the majority are larger corporations in need of additional firewall support. Cisco Meraki, overall, has nearly two million devices connected around the world. When it comes to your business’s security, only the best will do.

Confiding in talented IT services is par for the course, but there’s always need for a specialist. As much as 80% of IT budgets are used for routine maintenance, which is all fine and good until you run into a problem deeper than a system check-up. Your firewall systems shutting down or your equipment malfunctioning can last just minutes…with results that can impact you the rest of the year. Redundant data centers will provide you nearly complete 99% reliability, with local network functions able to still work even if your Meraki dashboard is down.

The general benefits of a Meraki access point will make sure you’re covered throughout the day-to-day and you’re covered when everything suddenly and inexplicably goes wrong. Data provided by saw over 60% of all businesses actively utilizing their cloud for IT-related work back in 2013, but the amount of companies that could benefit from firewall specialists is still a little too high. Taking the initiative will save you and your employees a lot of work when push comes to shove.

Efficiency is a nice buzzword, but it’s even nicer when you apply it to your business’s foundation. Selecting a Meraki reseller this year is a great way of putting action to words.

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