Consider Combining SEO Marketing With Yellow Pages Advertising to Boost Your Business

Online yellow pages advertising

As each second passes, 1,890 online searches are conducted. This comes out to 4.9 billion searches each month, as per research done by comScore qSearch. Among those users who conduct these searches, a substantial portion, 42% in fact, will choose the link with the highest ranking on the results page. With this in mind, if you’re a business owner looking to improve your local listing SEO, you may want to consider collaborating with internet marketing specialists. You may even choose those who also work with a yellow pages agency to add business listings and increase your online visibility even more so.

Perhaps the best way to improve your natural search engine optimization is to consistently produce new, informative content with relevant keywords. Maintaining a blog with regular updates is a great way to demonstrate to search engines that your content is directly linked to the keywords prospective customers use in their searches. Statistics show that businesses with blogs get substantial traffic to their sites, 55% more actually, compared to companies that do not choose to blog.

Finally, social media can be an important way to supplement SEO and online yellow pages advertising. Among adults who actively use the web, a solid 65% utilize social networking. If you do not already have at least one social networking account for your small business, you will probably want to join the 80% of small businesses that actively market via social media.

If you have questions, comments or tips on how to find an Internet marketing firm that also teams with a yellow pages agency in order to get maximum online exposure for your company, see the forum below.

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