ACES Systems Viper II is A Game Changer

When it comes to aircraft maintenance and aviation equipment, there is a lot on the line. Things are extremely technical, and every millimeter can make all of the difference. But, that is life when you work with aircrafts with high-end engine and other powerful equipment specifications. That is why it is an especially important industry to stay on top of all of the latest trends.

When dealing with vibration analysis, you want to make sure you have portable balancing equipment capable of giving you all of the reads and numbers you need. That is why it is so exciting that the ACES Systems Viper II analyzer is now approved by Pratt and Whitney Canada for transient vibration survey work. Has your business gotten a hold of this powerful piece of equipment, yet? If not, here are a few of the things you can expect when using the ACES Systems Viper II analyzer.

ACES Systems Viper II Specs

Compact – Weighing about six pounds means that the Viper is very portable. Additionally, with an internal battery, as well as very little cabling, you won’t struggle to work with this powerful tool by your side.

Efficiency – The Viper performs its solutions in minimal run testing, which means you save a ton of time. And, with the cost of both fuel and run times, this is something that is critical for businesses in this industry.

Reports – Curious where you will be able to get the results of testing? The Viper makes things easy by providing PDF reports directly onto a USB flash drive. Plus, with multiple USB ports available, you will be able to run multiple checks at once, saving your business and employees even more time in the process.

In the aircraft maintenance industry, time (and fuel) is money. You need vibration balancing equipment that enables you to check your high-end engine aircrafts without delays or errors. Keeping all of that in mind, the new technology provided by the ACES Systems Viper II represents truly game changing potential. Don’t struggle with outdated technology when you have access to something that will positively impact the way that you work.

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