4 Expert Tips for Identifying Cold Chain Logistics Companies

Biological samples are quite sensitive to changes in the environment. Any fluctuation in temperatures is likely to result in degradation. Excellent storage practices of biological samples are an integral part of all modern laboratories and research institutes. Currently, seven in every ten pharmaceutical products will need temperature-controlled transportation.

Do you have problems transferring your biological samples and products from one location to another? Below are four crucial factors to consider when selecting reliable cold chain logistics service providers.

Take Note of the Credentials

Biological samples and products are expensive to collect, so you cannot take chances with sample management and storage. Cold chain delivery services are entirely different from ordinary deliveries.

The firm you identify must have the right documents to show that they are approved by the relevant agencies. Before you trust any firm with your pharmaceutical samples, confirm that they have the capacity to handle them. If the firm fails to meet the minimum cold chain management requirements, they are not safe to hire.


When dealing with cold chain shipping solutions, the last thing you want to see is a firm mishandling your samples. Always select firms that have been in the bio-storage and logistics business for a while. The same should have a team of professionals to aid in the transportation of pharmaceutical samples.

Choose a company with a proven track record in cold chain logistics. Although new entrants may be offering reasonable prices, they cannot be fully trusted because they have not built a strong reputation.

Additionally, inexperienced firms may lack all the cold chain management requirements, which will affect the integrity of your products. Use real-time customer reviews to ascertain the quality of services a firm offers and how effective they are in cold storage.

Available Equipment and Procedures

How flexible is the company you choose? Do they have back-up equipment? Just like any other sector, the equipment that facilitates pharmaceutical cold storage may fail. The preparedness of the firm will, however, determine if your samples will be salvaged or they all go to waste.

Regardless of how personalized the service is, it is risky when there are no back-up freezers.

Cold storage comes in four main classes. The first class involves refrigerated storage and occurs between two and five degrees Celsius. This temperature range is enough to maintain enzymes and antibodies in the desired state during transit. Freezer storage occurs at -20 degrees. These conditions are suitable for a wide range of biological samples. If you are dealing with tissue that is not suspended in a stabilizing solution, freezer storage will be an effective way to preserve it in the short-term.

The ultra-low freezer storage is done at -80C and is suitable for the long-term storage of biological pharmaceutical samples. The low temperatures prevent the degradation of materials being transported. Cryogenic freezing is the last option and occurs between -150C and -190C. This cold storage option is ideal for sensitive samples and specimens.

The firm you identify should have all these services in place. This wide variety of options ensures that all samples are stored in their appropriate spaces.

Type, Quality, and Length of Services Offered

The quality and length of services offered depend on the equipment available. Most cold chain logistics firms have their services classified into two. The first set of providers is known as the integrators, and their cold chain logistics services are offered on a fixed basis and a tight schedule.

On the flip side, other firms offer premium packages whose terms are flexible and highly customized. In this case, most of their services are personalized to meet the needs of the consumers.

Other firms offer the two, giving you a chance to choose what works best for you. Select a cold chain delivery service that does not interfere with the pharmaceutical standards of your sample.

Final Word

Transporting vaccines and other biological pharmaceutical samples is a delicate exercise that requires maximum caution. Take time and evaluate all available cold chain shipping solutions before settling on one.

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